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My history with the Golf goes back to my first memories. A souvenir of a ball that had to be rolled in the mouth of a plastic crocodile, with a tool that looks vaguely like a cane ...   As far back as I can remember, I have always wanted to play golf, although the term came to me much later.   I run my first fairway at the age of 12, at the Golf de Riom, which will be the club where I will spend the majority of my time until 2010. My golfing career is that of an amateur player playing on the federal circuit. The idea of ​​becoming a player on the professional circuit comes to me, but is quickly abandoned in favor of that of transmitting my passion. In 2012, I joined the CREPS Federal School of Vichy-Auvergne. Formed in golf instruction for 2 years, I exercise at the same time on the golf courses of Val Queven and PloemeurOcéan near Lorient, alongside Pavel JIRSA Frédéric ROLLAND and Frederic BARRANDON.   Returning to my homeland since 2014, at the Royat-Charade golf course this time, I propose to give you my experience of this sport through a playful pedagogy, based generally on the idea that it does not There is not 1 "perfect" swing to acquire, but your "modular" swing to build. As such, the construction must be done in the variety of trajectories, gestures and situations of play.   My main maxims: - "There is only one really important shot: the one you are about to play" (Pia Nilsson) - "Thinking instead of acting is the most common disease in golf" (Sam Snead) - "The ball that reaches its goal is made of all those who missed it" (anonymous)

Golf Bluegreen Houlgate

14510 Gonneville-sur-Mer
Tel Golf: 02 31 24 80 49
Tel Restaurant: 09 50 32 39 67
"Everyday is a Bluegreen day"


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